Pushkar: Vegetarian’s Delight

Pushkar, the city which is famous for its cattle fair also happens to be the world’s largest camel market and a vegetarian’s delight. As you walk through the streets passing the ghats you can see native Rebaris dressed in colourful ghagraas smoking beedis.


Over the years cuisines from Russia, Japan, Israel, Italy, Canada have made their way into this city along with Rajasthani food, though all fairly Indianized. Street food remains the main attraction of the city although the cafés in Pushkar are a big hit. Most of the eateries have rooftop seating and the menu is written in Hebrew, as the place sees a lot of Israeli tourist (along with English). The choice of sweetmeats and savouries offered further make these eateries a must visit.

Lets explore and take a virtual gastronomy trip to this Brahma land


Aubergine Burger

It’s like a mini Israel out here as most of the roadside eateries and café’s are known to serve Middle- Eastern dishes like hummus, wraps, falalfel. These eateries have number of choices to offer but all vegetarian. Being a die hard non- vegetarian I did not miss “it” at all with so many options different types of vegetarian options to try from. Falafel, hummus and pita breads with a dash of homemade garlic cheese is definitely worth a try.

Falafel and Hummus

Rainbow Café’s couscous served with vegetable soup is one of the best and a hot favourite amongst tourist. These eateries also serve twisted burgers which have aubergine, tomatoes, cheese and grated cabbage. Sandwiches and burgers are one of the most prominent foods in demand. Other than food you can also relax and try your hands on game of carom, monopoly, snake and ladder in few of these cafes.


Fresh wood fire Pizza
Fresh wood fire Pizza

For all Italian food lovers just name it and you have it here as most the cafés have a exhausted list in their menu be it Focaccia pizza, Olive oil pasta in brunt garlic or be it Spaghetti loaded with cheese or Shepherd’s pie with a crust perfectly baked mashed potato.


Honey and Spice is known for their yummy apple crumble. In the evening a vendor is seen selling goodies like apple tart and rum balls in his cart. One must try the special chocolate rum balls!

Caution: At times these rum balls also contain Bhaang.


Hor n Fresh Malpuas
Hor n Fresh Malpuas

Malpua, lassi, mirchi vada, poha rule the food scene when we talk about Rajasthani food in the city. A visit to Pushkar is incomplete without trying those juicy malpuas dipped in chashni (sugar syrup) and I bet you can’t just stop at one.

An early morning delicacy is poha. Poha stalls are a common sight along the streets, serving it hot and spicy with garnish of fresh tomatoes, coriander and lime juice. Another showstopper here is daal pakwaan, a typical Sindhi breakfast where poha is uniformly spread on a large size “mathri” (why quotes?) topped with some onion, tomato, coriander, spices and chutneys to tickle your taste buds.


Once you are done tasting all that is chatpatta, it’s time to sip some lassi, made with fresh curd, sugar, salt, cumin and caradamon seeds. Served in earthen pots you should have this before you bid a final good bye to Pushkar.

The famous Bhaang thandai

The mixture is churned in Mathani (a wooden whisk). The lassi is highly nutritive and rich in proteins and vitamins.

Caution: A lot of these eateries serve the Bhaang (“special”) lassi so before you a have a glass make (sure you ask – words missing)  if it contains bhaang.

Don’t forget to try soft beverages like banana nutella shake, museli and fresh fruit juice, combinations of kiwi banana, chickoo pineapple banana and melon mint lemon at Sonu Juice Shop. You could also try the fruit chat here.

Must visit café in Pushkar: 

Sunset Café, Out of the Blue, Laura’s Café, Honey & Spice at Laxmi Market, Sonu Juice Centre and many more places for you to explore.

 As you relax in the lake shore setting, a perfect sunset, it is all you can ask for.

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