Gothic Bell Tower Dinning Experience In Prague

How about dining is one of the mysterious, Gothic looking towers in Prague? That’s exactly what “Zvonice” Restaurant, in Prague is all about. Located at the 7th ant 8th floor of Jindrisska tower is this restaurant which has been beautifully renovated. It happens to be the most favourite amongst many adventure tour lovers who wanna have a dining experience with a difference.  The ancient Gothic bell tower is one of the most unusual and unique place to eat in terms of whole Prague and even central Europe. And when you are on the move check, one such platform that lets your travel pangs take a full roll. As you escape to feel the ever serene, picturesque country side of Europe, Prague is one place that one simply can’t ignore.


The “Zvonice” Restaurant inside the ancient Gothic bell tower still houses the original Maria’s bell (cast in 1518). The moment I stepped inside it was like I have stepped inside a time machine and transported decades back. I was told that during the renovation great care was taken that the original flavour and feel of the place is retained. In this two storey eatery, the giant oak floors, wooden beams interiors are still retained are pretty soothing and have a charm irresistible. The first view of the Gothic windows will take your breath away as you see the sight of Prague castle and hustle bustle city streets right below. The climb up along the creaky stairs will give you feel of the era gone by.


As I climbed and comfortably seated myself for first few minutes the place left me speechless as to how beautifully can one sit inside history literally and enjoy one of the best meals at Prague.  Prague, in itself is simply stunning city, with it’s winding streets, restaurants, markets, and churches. Whether you are backpackers or travelling as a single woman, or have your girlfriend as company you can happily lost. Everyone who came here felt at home, that’s exactly what my feelings were.


The Gothic tower dating back to 1472 is both eerie and romantic at the same time. As I entered the 22 seater restaurant and comfortably seated myself, the huge bell caught my immediate attention. In no time their warm hospitality and smile made the place even more interesting for me. The menu saw huge variety be it Steak, Fish or Classic Czech names. If you are soup lover then don’t miss their traditional South-bohemian fine sauerkraut soup with roasted chanterelas, baked mashed potato and sour cream. As you sip through it, catch a glimpse of those cobbled path of beautiful Prague. The life-size Gothic window will mesmerize you. Also if you get stuck in making your choices the people there are always happy to help you with recommendations. Even if you are travelling alone this place is still ideal for a meal. Be it the cheese or the beefsteak everything is cooked to perfection, and happy is all you want at the end of the day.


Whether you come here doing a backpacker trip or with your sweetheart, the experience that you will have at Zvonice will surely top the list of your most memorable stay in Prague.

A quick tip: Don’t miss the view from top (10th floor)

Prior booking recommended

Open: 11:30-12 midnight

Price: 400 – 850Kč

Address: Jindřišská věž, Jindřišská, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

Phone: +420224220 009

Disclaimer: I went to this restaurant as a part of my Eating Prague Food Tour  and thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Beautiful. I have heard the food in Prague is very good…


  2. it is beautiful place for vacations and you described about it very well. you captured stunning images.


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