Pandav Fall: A Beauty In The Midst Of A Jungle

pandav falls

If you believe in mythology, then this is the place where the Pandav’s stayed during there exile days. About 34 kms from Khajuraho, it’s located in the periphery on Panna National Park. The moment you step down from your vehicle the enthralling view of the bowl shaped valley and the lake takes you to a different world of its own. Tucked in between lush green forest, surrounded by steep cliffs this fall has an ethereal feel !

pandav falls

On cascading rock on the left you can see that Ken River has made it’s way to this beautiful lake. One can be amazed by the natural rock formations at this place.

pandav falls

The serenity place makes you feel totally enchanted more than you would think, even before you actually reach there. This fall is known Pandav falls as the story goes that Pandav’s stayed here during there days of exile. At the bottom of the lake one can also see the caves where the Pandav’s are believed to have stayed and meditate.

pandav falls

Well build stairs lead you those caves and you spot five beautiful caves standing the test of time. Today shrines are build over them. One of the caves is supposed to have been buried under water. As you enter the calmness in these caves transport you back in time.

pandav falls

The natural beauty of the place, fresh water of river Ken gives the place an energy and serenity that leaves you with a feeling to come back again. Overall, don’t give a miss to this place. The more adventurous one can even take a cycle ride to the water fall.

pandav falls

Entrance fee:

  • Visiting hours: 06:00 AM to 05:00 PM
  • Foot-travelers: 15 INR (Indian), 150 INR (Foreigners)

Places to stay:

  • Jungle Camp next to entrance of the Panna Tiger Reserve.
  • Ken River Lodge at the bank of River Ken

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  1. neha singhal says:

    just the way you write and your pics, makes me want to go there and experience the same myself and blve you me…. I just might…!!!! This is truly amazing…to see history coming to life in front of your eyes and to imagine you standing exactly where centuries ago Pandavas were….!!!


  2. Reblogged this on 361 Degrees Hospitality.


  3. Well-written and pictured.


    1. Ayandrali says:

      Thanks Bhavna 🙂


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