Soulful Food and Life at McLeodganj

“Home is where you feel at home and are treated well. ” – Dalai Lama

 Soulful Food and Life at McLeodganj

The traveller me keeps is always on the move and this way I travel to known-unknown lands. And my love for food doubles it up. The craving and the craziness has grown over the years, to try variety tastes as I wander to different lands. This was not my first to McLeodganj (I have bee there twice before) but somehow I have not been able to explore the real flavour of food in this quaint little town. The seat of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, McLeodGanj is a backpackers delight. I knew at in my heart I will be trying the different and exotic food trail in thiss Holi land.

Mutton Momos:

Mutton Momos

The juicy and succulent mutton momos, at Clay Oven, priced at Rs 80 a plate seemed like a steal. This eatery also serves Indian, Mexican and Thai. The pleasant outdoor balcony makes for a perfect setting to dig into some of yours favourites

Tibetan Thenthuk:

Tibetan Thenthuk

Typical Tibetan noodles soup made with meat stock, with very mild flavours at Momo Café, priced at Rs 70. The main ingredients were wheat flour dough (mostly like flat noodles), mixed vegetables and some pieces of chicken. This happens to be a perfect winter meal

Glass noodles soup with black Mushroom:

Soulful Food and Life at McLeodganj

While you visit the Norbulingka Institute, don’t forget to try their open air Norling Café. The café is known for it’s vegetarian international cuisine be it the fresh-baked pita bread or typical Tibetan dishes. Their USP dish is for glass noodles soup with black mushroom Rs 200.

Banana and Chocolate Waffle:

Soulful Food and Life at McLeodganj

With a array of waffles in the menu of Clay Oven we decided to settle down for Banana and Chocolate Waffle. The first look of it was simply heavenly. One sinful plate of this dessert is priced at Rs 95. Have it to love it.

Honey Lemon Ginger Tea:

Honey Lemon Ginger Tea

While you in the hills you just cant miss having a sip of this. Priced at Rs 40- 60, it’s available almost at all cafes.

Tomato Bruschetta:

Soulful Food and Life at McLeodganj

Having read a lot about Nicks, we headed to try some of it’s delicacies, but came out with sheer disappointment. Tomato Bruschetta mediocre in taste, priced at Rs 60

Baked Potato with stuffed Mushroom:

Baked Potato with stuffed Mushroom

Being true to it’s name of serving authentic Italian food Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen menu

Chickenora Pizza:

Chickenora Pizza

Tucked in a dark and less explored lane, Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen, known to serve the best Italian in town. And yes have it to believe it. With old Retro music being played at the background, happy-to-help staffs make the place worth the visit. The Wood Oven Pizza priced at Rs 150 is enough for three hungry souls.

Tibetian Thali:

Tibetan thali

Steam rice with chicken cooked with spinach and mild spices. The thali is accompanied by a chunk of raw onion ( as seen in pic). It adds to the flavour of the curry cooked. People generally prefer eating their main course by 11.00 – 12.00 noon

Churpi Durkha (Cheese):


Cheese is a common item being sold in the local street side market. These Cheese are very hard and eaten raw. Mostly  one can find Yak cheese. Churpi is a hard, chewing, traditional cheese consumed in the Himalayan region. This is made in a very unique process. It’s made in a three chambered wooden drum called Shoptu which is filled with milk and corked tight.

Made from buttermilk or yak milk,  these are easily available on the streets of McLeodGanj. It’s hung in strings and sold. They have this distinct gumminess and chewiness. Yak cheese has a very distinct flavour of it’s own and a big bite is enough to fill your tummy.

mcleod ganj

Mcleod ganj is an experience which you would like to go through again. Sit in a cafe, sip your poison, or talk a walk to Bhagshu falls or trek to Trimund the beautiful valley leaves you enchanted.

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  1. Vivek Pandey says:

    Wow!! Its nicely explained and flavored with nicely captured images of every dish tried. I think, this time I have to make up my mind to visit & experience Mcleod ganj for sure! Thanks for sharing this information with us. 🙂


  2. Arijit Ghosh says:

    This is just cruel ;)..not fair specially when I stay so far away but yes it does make feel like going back..thanks for sharing


    1. Ayandrali says:

      Hey Arijit, u shud plan a trip here ..


  3. Anindita chakraborty says:

    Mcleod ganj,,,a must visit now,. Excellent images captured of the delicacies too good dear


    1. Ayandrali says:

      Anindita, u will love the food here


  4. Tapas says:

    Nicely written !!!! By reading the blog m feeling like going their and try the food. A true food lover can only narrate like this.


  5. Priti says:

    as soon as I opened this blog and started viewing and reading it, i could smell the aroma of the food….i hv been there and loved the delicious food…thanks for sharing


  6. Priyanka Chakravarthy says:

    Nicely written ..Kudos to you Ayandrali .. By reading your blog all i felt that i reached Mcleod ganj .. I am almost salivating seeing the food pics , A delight truly..Thanks for sharing


  7. sb2711 says:

    Nice post. Captured all the essence!


  8. amsang says:

    Pizza at Jimmy’s kitchen and you missed one place…guess….its on HOMP. a little away, Dharamsala proper, the stadium has its own restaurant. Amazing food and some spectacular view of the ground and mountains in the back drop.


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