Nainital: Bagpack Time Again


With the hills calling and I craving to carry my bag pack again, my destination this time was Nainital. The purpose simple – just relax. I opened my eyes to divinity as I watched the sun shining bright n happy on Nanda Devi, a sight to be cherished and hold on to. The traveler in me made me book an old British House away from the hustle bustle of the city. This more than 100 yr old British house was my hiding den


Welcoming huge French windows and hot tea, nothing could have pepped up my morning better. The magnificent Naini Lake looked like a Mango from my adobe.


The curious cat in me wanted to see beauty of this hilly land, and Khemu was my companion, guide and driver for the day.


My first stop was the temple of Gollu Devta, a Demi-God highly revered by the Kumaonis, To my surpise I saw numerous bells hanging as the popular believe goes that everyone’s wishes are fulfilled this at HIS doorstep. The top view from the temple was breathtaking and serene.


I was excited like a kid as I was informed that we would be going to a Tea Estate. This happened to be my first Tea Estate visit. Yayy!! What else I too took out time pose as one of the tea leave plucker.


The old tattered walls have always caught my attention and this 1844 derelict St. John’s Church build by the Bishop of Calcutta, Daniel Wilson was a delight to watch. The graveyard beyond was cold and haunting.


Not to miss is the Nainital Zoo which is steep climb uphill serving habitat to snow leopard, Siberian tiger, Himalyan black bear, hill fox,  barking deer, Sambhar deer and more. Kunal, the overfreindly tiger is main attraction.


Will a lot more in my kitty that is yet to done in this Kumaoni land and Nanda devi calling me back, I had to leave as professional commitments kept calling me back, a gypsy at heart I pledge to be there again soon….


Thanks, for sharing your feedback.. Happy reading

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